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Upgrade Indomie. Get another pot and spread butter everywhere then put the Indomie in it. First off, an uncomplicated upgrade to your traditional egg-and-noodle concoction with a simple side of vegetables and cheese. A light handful of sliced baby shiitake mushrooms, sautéed with butter and herbs; Cherry tomatoes, lightly browned; Indomie, topped with a generous a dollop of melted cheddar cheese; A sprig of basil With Indomie Mee Goreng having a moment, we used this popular Indonesian brand to show you the many ways you can improve your instant noodle meal.

Upgrade Indomie On the Indomie Café, the Group Public Relations and Events Manager, Dufil Prima Foods, Mr. Tope Ashiwaju said, "The quick-service restaurant is designed in such a way that one can customize their Indomie noodles to suit their taste buds and fancy, with a variety of condiments, sauces, and spices. It is an 'aromatic experience' as well as.
Kamu dapat memasak Upgrade Indomie dengan menggunakan 6 bahan dan 5 langkah. Berikut cara untuk kamu memasak Upgrade Indomie.

Bahan-bahan untuk membuat Upgrade Indomie

  1. Siapkan 2 bungkus indomie rebus (ayam bawang).
  2. Kamu butuh 2 cabai rawit, 1/2 bawang bombai.
  3. Kamu butuh 1 telur.
  4. Kamu butuh 1 sosis kanzler mini.
  5. Kamu butuh Seledri.
  6. Kamu butuh 125ml susu.

Indomie Noodle Special – turning your Instant Noodles into a complete meal! Okay, so we all rely on noodles as a quick fix every now and then, when you simply don't have time to cook anything else and are hungry! Instant Noodles have a huge aisle in most Asian supermarkets. I love to try different brands and flavors every now and then.

Tahap-tahap pembuatan Upgrade Indomie

  1. Rebus mie instan, kemudian tiriskan (asal terurai saja, g perlu mateng).
  2. Tumis bawang bombai dan cabai beserta bumbu mie instan.
  3. Lalu tambahkan air dan susu, kemudian masukan mie.
  4. Masak hingga kuah meresap kedalam mie, kemudian tambahkan seledri.
  5. Sajikan mie dengan telur dan sosis sesuai selera.

I try to follow the ingredient: shallot oil (deep fried shallot until golden brown), kicap manis+kicap pekat+sos tiram+gula, a bit of red chilli powder. But seems the kick still not there. Taste more like kopitiam guanlow mien rather than the godlike indomie. Then I put some ajinomoto inside. This will make some folks' stomachs churn, but tuna packs a fair bit of protein and is good for your brains, which is the perfect antidote to everything Mi Goreng stands for.

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