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Cheese pudding. Browse Kraft® Official Site For Tasty, Easy Dessert Recipes, Try Today! Get Cheese Pudding today with Drive Up, Pick Up or Same Day Delivery. Historically, it probably was a nursery pudding of sorts.

Cheese pudding Cheese pudding is like a savory bread pudding, with soft white bread and shredded sharp cheddar baked in an eggy custard. This is a great easy side dish for a cookout or barbecue. Bring the milk to the boil in a saucepan, place the breadcrumbs in a bowl, and pour the milk over.
Kamu dapat membuat sendiri Cheese pudding dengan menggunakan 7 bahan dan 4 langkah. Berikut cara untuk kamu memasak Cheese pudding.

Bahan-bahan untuk membuat Cheese pudding

  1. Siapkan nutrijel plain.
  2. Kamu butuh keju.
  3. Kamu butuh susu cair UHT.
  4. Kamu butuh gula pasir.
  5. Siapkan kuning telur.
  6. Kamu butuh vanili bubuk.
  7. Kamu butuh garam.

In a bowl, lightly beat the eggs with mustard and with milk and breadcrumbs. A savory pudding made with sliced white bread, eggs, Cheddar and Parmesan cheeses, and anything else you may want to chuck in!! This is a very nice light dish. Ideal as an evening meal, or even a breakfast with a difference!

Instruksi pembuatan Cheese pudding

  1. Ambil sedikit susu cair, blender bersama gula pasir dan parudan keju sampe halus..
  2. Dalam panci, masukan jadi satu keju yg sudah di blender, sisa susu cair, nutrijel, vanili, dan garam, aduk rata..
  3. Nyalakan kompor, masak sampe mendidih, tuang kocokan telur aduk rata masak lagi sampe beberapa menit sambil di aduk, matikan.
  4. Tuang dalam cetakan, biarkan mengeras, kemudian lubang2i dengan kerokan es buah yg berbentuk bulat. (Aku gak punya kerokan es buahnya jadi lubanginya asal aja 🙈), santap dingin lebih nikmat..

Optional: Add grilled chopped bacon, mushrooms, ham, tomato, or anything else you can think of! CHEESE PUDDING (Isle of Wight) Two ounces of grated cheese, two ounces of breadcrumbs, one ounce of butter, one teaspoonful made mustard, half a gill of milk, one egg, cayenne pepper, salt. Put butter and milk into saucepan, make quite hot, pour over crumbs and cheese, then add yolk of egg and mustard mixed. Whip white of egg and add lastly, or. Pour milk into saucepan and add margarine until the margarine melts over medium heat.

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